About me




After 20+ years working in the technology industry I have noticed a ‘GAP’ between customers and technology providers.


Most people I speak with start a business because they are great at what they do and end up being frustrated with all the extra time spent in other areas.  For example: You might be a lawyer.  As your business grows you find yourself spending more and more time running the business and not practicing law.  With requirements to learn about HR, tax, accounting and technology (including computers, copiers and phone systems), after a while you forget why you got into business in the first place.


Your outsourced suppliers in technology are very important to you and you rely on them to make sure your business runs smoothly. However you rely on them too much and don’t know what is truly needed.  Your technology provider presents options and you are confronted with trying to understand what this next major investment is going to do for your business.  In the end, with limited understanding and time you hope it is right.Costs keep rising and when something does go wrong it cripples your business for minutes, hours, days or even worse, there can be data loss that has the ability to bankrupt you.


This is the ‘GAP’.  The difference between your understanding and what is really happening to your technology systems, and ultimately your business.


This is why I have started my business call K9 Methods: Trust – Loyalty – Protection.  It is based on the methods of a K9 (dog). I can be your trusted advisor, loyal to you and also protect your business.


I am not affiliated with any other technology companies.  I do not sell hardware or software or even service it.  However, I do have the industry experience and knowledge.


I am sitting on your side of the boardroom table ensuring you are getting what is needed at the right price and also have the ongoing support your business requires. 


This takes all the pressure and stress off you.


I will work for you ‘as needed’ keeping your technology providers accountable, on budget and on schedule.


Ongoing I can ensure your service packages are being delivered as agreed and you are not being incorrectly charged.